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A mission for visionaries

polypoly is one of the largest infrastructure projects of our time – an Edge Data Ecosystem that can map the entire value creation chain of the data economy on the devices of private citizens. In doing so, we are addressing a market that is estimated to be worth € 674 billion in 2025 – the European data economy. 

We massively shorten the value creation chain

polypoly enables the collection, cleaning, mediation and analysis of data directly on citizens’ end devices. This way, data suppliers who are not paid become real partners who can offer data-based services in a self-determined manner.

Reduction of the price of data

by using already paid for data processing infrastructure while reducing the number of stakeholders.

Increase in data quality

due to direct exchange between data producers and data consumers.

High accuracy of data analyses

due to creation of a »single source of truth« directly where the data originates, on the end devices of the data producers.

A solution that puts Europe back in the game

Currently, Europe holds 3 % of the world’s data capital and is lagging behind in the most important areas of today’s data economy. As a result, foreign companies are deeply encroaching on the value creation chains of European companies. 

The pressure on European businesses is increasing and with it the willingness to support a European solution that frees them from dependence on non-European companies.

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475 billion euros of private computing power becomes usable

The polyPod serves as a platform for an Edge Data Ecosystem. Designed as a Super-App, it functions as a marketplace for the provision of services by third parties. The polyPod can thus integrate multiple services, including financial transactions, into an all-encompassing, self-contained trading and communication platform. These services cover many aspects of personal and business life.

The polyPod works continuously as infrastructure for big data and federated AI applications. Data consumers, such as companies or institutions, gain access to tools and frameworks for the development of services and systems for decentralised data management, big data and federated AI applications. The existing system landscape can be seamlessly integrated with these applications – a service provided by polypoly.

A business model that serves all parties involved

Transaction fees accrue each time data-related services are exchanged, financing development. A usage fee is due for data-related services and the rest is distributed to users as income. Settlement takes place via a clearing house, which charges a proportionate transaction fee. This is distributed in equal parts to the polypoly Enterprise and the polypoly Cooperative. The latter distributes surpluses to its members in the form of returns.

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Friendly Data Cleaning

With the polyPod and Friendly Data Cleaning, companies can, for example, outsource address maintenance to their customers – in compliance with the GDPR and in a time-saving manner.

Multibrand: solution for efficient customer management

Introducing polypoly MultiBrand: a solution by polypoly for companies that own multiple brands that delivers efficient customer management. Increase quality and interoperability when using customer data!

Júlio Santos interviews Thorsten Dittmar

Júlio Santos of Fractal has interviewed Thorsten Dittmar about data portability, data privacy, open data ecosystems and many other subjects.