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Co-determination that pays off!

The polyPod is financed by European citizens who, as members of the polypoly Cooperative, actively participate in its design and share in the returns. You too can become a member and help build a sustainable, social and independent data economy for Europe.

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Together we are strong

Achieving more together is the basic idea of every cooperative in which people join together to achieve great things – like the polyPod. The cooperative makes citizens the owners of the polyPod. This secures them a negotiating position at eye level for the first time because they control the platform for the Edge Data Ecosystem.

Don't just be there, be part of the decision-making

Receive your investment back when you leave

Receive a return when you stay

Secure your shares now

Become a member of the cooperative and help build a sustainable data economy!

One cooperative share corresponds to an amount equivalent to € 5 which will be refunded if you withdraw from the cooperative in accordance with our Articles of Association ( As a general rule: only one vote per person! So in a cooperative, your influence does not depend on how much money you invest in shares. The number of shares you own only determines how high your share of future profits will be.

100 share package

Invest € 500 now 

Monthly 1 share subscription

Invest € 5 monthly

Individual package starting at 1 share

Invest from € 5 now

400 share package

Invest € 2000 now 

1000 share package

Invest € 5000 now 

2000 share package

Invest € 10,000 now 

* polypoly Cooperative is a cooperative within the European Union. To invest and become a member, you must be at least 18 years old, and a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU. You must also NOT possess a United States passport. We need to take this measure to protect the Cooperative from legal action in the USA.

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