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Big Data to the Edge!

Minimising legal risks, minimising security risks, minimising costs – when it comes to data, that's exactly what the polyPod makes possible. A decentralised solution that provides exactly the data that is needed.

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The asset of digitisation: Data

Data is valuable to the overall success and innovative power of any company, but managing it is complex, costly and fraught with many security and legal risks. The cause: In today's data economy, large amounts of data must be stored centrally to be made usable.

Use data, but decentralise!

The polyPod is an end-user app that stores personal data decentralised on the respective end device. Companies can access or evaluate this data in a targeted manner and as needed. In addition to data management, federated big data and AI applications are also possible – always with the consent of the customers – who are paid directly by the company for the use. Customers become sovereign outsourcing partners in a business relationship at eye level.

Data acquisition

Directly from customers, 100 % GDPR-compliant and without costs for intermediaries.

Data storage

Directly on the end devices of the customers, without security risks and server costs.

Data use

Always with the customers’ consent, without loss of quality and data silos.

An infrastructure from a single source

The polyPod can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape. To this end, polypoly provides the necessary components to connect centrally oriented systems to the Edge Data Ecosystem, which serves as the infrastructure for a decentralised data economy.

Get inspired

We provide the infrastructure for an Edge Data Ecosystem that enables the decentralised use of data. Concrete applications result from the individual needs and wishes of companies. Essentially: systems that rely on centralised data become decentralised – which reduces risk. Below we have compiled a few examples for inspiration. 

Outsourcing data management


Keeping customer data quality high is time-consuming, cost-intensive and error-prone. The polyPod can be provided to the respective customers including existing customer data. They maintain and enrich the data via external sources and make it available via interface.

Use Case

The GDPR obliges your company to provide customers with their personal data upon request. Be proactive and provide your customers with the polyPod, including existing data. These are updated automatically, so the process is a one-off and never needs to be repeated. In addition, you can incentivise your customers to enrich the existing data. For this purpose, data downloaders are pre-installed, which customers can use to download their data, for example from Facebook and Google, into the polyPod. The data collected in this manner can be shared to you by your customers, and your company can automatically access it, for example to optimise the CRM or to update your customer database.

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