Our team

A powerful team – a bold vision

polypoly’s team is scattered around the globe and is passionate about developing a new data economy. Our vision makes us idealists. Our expertise makes us successful.

The management team

They steer polypoly with a clear view to the vision of a decentralised economy that is sustainable, efficient, and fair. 

Thorsten Dittmar

As initiator, director and managing director, he is responsible for our product development. Professional nerd, entrepreneur, social impact investor – Thorsten started his career in computer science in the early 80s, later accompanying C-levels through digital transformation as a management consultant. 

Felix Dahlke

He works at the interface between human and machine to develop things that make sense. As such, he has the perfect mindset to be responsible for the development of our technology. As CTO of eyeo, he has already successfully grown a company and developed products such as Adblock Plus, Flattr and Trusted News.

Mathias Maierhofer

With ten years of C-level telco management, extensive stakeholder management, hands on business transformation with M&A, digitisation, cybersecurity and IoT, as well as business development in regulated markets, Mathias is well prepared to operationally lead polypoly as Managing Director and Chairman of the Board.

Lars Eilebrecht

As a software developer, solution architect, information security expert and open source advocate, he takes care of our core concern: information security. Lars is one of the original developers of the Apache HTTP Server as well as a co-founder and former vice president of the Apache Software Foundation.

Markus Stegfellner

Pioneer and developer of Cooperative 2.0 in Germany and Austria, who brings his wealth of knowledge to the cooperative as a board member. With this, he is following on from his career as a management consultant and, after more than 30 years, continues to be at the service of cooperative change.

Jessica Dittmar

As our marketing and strategy specialist, she brings over 20 years of experience from different perspectives to the table. She knows agencies and companies, has taken care of interim management for start-ups, all the while passing on her knowledge as a social impact investor in mentoring programmes for new companies.

Jon Lund

Prior to this, he was responsible for the FDIM media organisation and for the online communications team of Danske Bank. He has been actively involved in the public debate on digitisation in Denmark for several years already. Now he heads the Danish polypoly subsidiary.

Behind it all is an experienced team

polypoly has assembled an international team of computer scientists, open-sourcers, nerds, communicators and number crunchers. As different as they may be, they all have one thing in common: Their expertise. 

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Alex Farhat

polypoly is building the necessary infrastructure to ensure data privacy and control for the future of digital interactions. Through informing users and providing the necessary tools, we aim to revert the existing biases.

Alice Barna

What happens to our data is currently mostly beyond our control – polypoly is trying to change that, and I’m happy to support the efforts as a communication designer.

Angelika Engl

There should be a fair give and take between those who provide data and those who use that data. I'm passionate about that. So happy to be part of the polypoly team working towards that objective.

Arne Petersen

»Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn't really matter« (Dwight L. Moody)

Christian Buggedei

We have little of what our data is worth, nor any intuitive understanding of what long term effect corporate surveillance has on us. The polypoly team wants to change that, and I'm excited to be a part of this!

Christopher Falke

Together with innovators from the media sector, we are inverting the data architecture of the media landscape. Together polypoly and the media industry can craft a new infrastructure with more transparency. 

David Miller

Users should reclaim their rights to personal data and have transparency about what it’s used for.

Dorett Bothmann

It’s time to leave the digital comfort zone and start a peaceful revolution. We are the Internet!

Drishti Maharjan

To build software that helps users take control over their data. It is very important to stay informed about what data you share over the internet and its reach. The only people who should be in control of how your data is being used is you.

Elena Poughia

Working in the media industry – and specifically, promoting and questioning emerging technologies for the past 5 years – I believe we need a solution to empower citizens, enable corporations and support governments in the data privacy space. polypoly provides the vision to make that happen.

Georgiana Piscoi

I doubt that anybody is happy with the status quo when it comes to our data, but instead, we are simply resigned to being powerless. polypoly aims to change that and I'm excited to do my best to make it happen.

Ghenadie Vasiliev-Pusca

We humans care a lot about our privacy in our day to day life, but not so much on the internet. Time to change this, as: »You might not have anything to hide, my friend. But you have everything to protect.« (Mikko Hypponen)

Jennifer Dühnfort

I want to support people who see opportunities in digitisation, and use them properly instead of exploiting them. Data handling should remain fair and, above all, politically correct.

Jessica Lerch

A project like this requires loads of paperwork. I make sure that everything runs quietly in the background to support our masterminds and developers. Hopefully they can concentrate on making the current data economy more straightforward, and a lot fairer.

Juan J. Merelo

We all make data. We all want to know ourselves better. It's sad that the data we make is used to make some random company know us better. I want everyone to know themselves better by taking back control of their data.

Laird Brown

polypoly is on the vanguard of data sovereignty and technical innovation. And it's part of a movement restoring the internet to the way it was always meant to be: decentralised, transparent, and secure.

Lena Lau

In my opinion, it is time for digital emancipation. This can only happen with education and a collective change of direction – something I'm working on as a web developer.

Maria Teresa Jiménez

The moment I knew about polypoly’s mission, I wanted to be a part of it. For a long time, we have seen how companies have used personal data to do business. Now it's the time for users to recover control over it.

Melanie Marino Chamús

The idea immediately inspired me. We can not save the world, but we can change the digital world by making it more transparent and fair. »Paths are created by walking them.« (Kafka)

Mira Mezini

Business models that rely on data monopoly and abuse must end. I believe in a European alternative of the data economy that protects privacy, and is fair and transparent.

Nicolas Bourquin

To create impactful, meaningful, and trustworthy visual stories and data experiences that permeate products and communication.

Oleksandr Paraska

On a quest to solve aesthetics through social collaboration. Privacy as structural integrity is a big part of it.

Richard Stoffels

polypoly has an incredible vision that will change who we are and how we operate on the Internet. The basis of all benefits and opportunities in a new data economy is the technology of the polyPod. That's what we need to build!

Stephen Tattum

I want to help make polyPedia the best it can be so people can take back control of their data and stop it from being extracted, exploited and abused by big tech firms. I believe data rights are critical to a functioning democratic society.

Sven Ehmann

»You promised me Mars colonies. Instead I got Facebook.« (Buzz Aldrin)

Tom Stec

To build software which respects our intuitive human understanding of privacy and trust.

Tudor Avram

I've always loved working with data and trying to make sense of it. In today’s time and age, we only get the tip of the iceberg when it comes to knowing what data is collected on the web about us. I am happy that I get to work with great technology, towards first giving us better insights into what data is being collected and, on top of that, putting the us in control of that data.

Tudor Girba

Our future is being reinvented as we speak around data and software. To be sustainable and fair, our world must be understandable by every one of us, and we should all have equal participation rights. Humans should never be products.