Our team

Determined supporters 

A complex mission requires experienced minds that contribute significantly to its success with their expertise and commitment. That is why we are so happy to have these determined supporters at our side.

Jim Riordan

After a successful career as CFO & COO, Jim started helping to shape the World Economic Forum in 2015. It has created the institutional framework for public-private partnerships needed to address sustainability challenges, including climate net-zero, bio/circular economy, food security, and tech governance. He brings his knowledge of designing, financing and scaling platforms that require cooperation between business, government and citizens to the polypoly Foundation.

Mira Mezini

Mira Mezini is a full professor of computer science at the Technical University of Darmstadt and heads the Software Technology Group at the Department of Computer Science. In 2016, she was appointed a member of the German Academy of Science and Engineering. Mira Mezini has received various awards for her research, including the IBM Eclipse Innovation Award, a Google Research Award and the German IT Security Award.

Sabine Scheunert

Sabine Scheunert is Vice President of Digital & IT Sales and Marketing at Mercedes-Benz Cars. She is advancing the digitisation of her business unit to ensure that it remains a successful and meaningful mobility provider in the future. Sabine's core task is to advance the digital transformation of the company. One of her main areas of focus is to accelerate the introduction of digital products and services from Mercedes-Benz by implementing new models of working that enable co-creation and collaboration.

Pernille Tranberg

Pernille is a data ethics consultant and lecturer on data democracy, data ethics, data literacy and ethical use of personal data for companies, organisations and public authorities. She is co-founder of the European think tank DataEthics.eu, which promotes the ethical and responsible use of personal data and is active in Europe as well as in other countries. 

Richard Whitt

Richard Whitt is a lawyer, technology strategist, business consultant and entrepreneur. He is currently a Fellow in Residence at the Mozilla Foundation and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law & Policy. Richard spent over eleven years at Google, most recently as Corporate Director for Strategic Initiatives. He founded the GLIAnet project and is also founder and CEO of Deeper Edge LLC.

Karuna Nundy

Karuna Nundy is an Indian jurist at the Supreme Court of India. Her work focuses on constitutional law, commercial litigation and arbitration, media law and legal policy. Karuna is a member of the Global High Level Panel on Media Freedom, chaired by former President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom Lord Neuberger and Amal Clooney. She is a member of the Columbia Global Experts Panel on Freedom of Expression.

Lorrayne Porciuncula

Lorrayne Porciuncula is the Director of the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network's Data and Jurisdiction Programme. Her professional and academic experience is focused on issues around data, Internet governance, infrastructure regulation and communications policy. Before joining the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network, she worked at the OECD (2014-2020) as a Strategic Advisor on Digital Economic Policy, coordinating issues related to data governance, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Lars Eilebrecht

As a software developer, solution architect, information security expert and open source advocate, he takes care of our core concern: information security. Lars is one of the original developers of the Apache HTTP Server as well as a co-founder and former vice president of the Apache Software Foundation.

Get involved

The development of an Edge Data Ecosystem, as infrastructure for a decentralised data economy, sustainable, efficient and fair for all parties involved, requires a lot of expertise. We already have dedicated advisors on board, but there is still plenty of room for more experts. If you want to help us and have something special to contribute, we would love to hear from you.