Our Solution

Three to revolutionise the data economy 

It takes more than thoughtful technology to change the way we deal with data. For a sustainable, efficient and fair alternative, a corporate structure is needed that also takes into account the legal, economic and social dimensions.


The interests of citizens and companies differ, compromises are needed. The structure of our companies must guarantee a negotiation at eye level between citizens and companies.


The idea of a data economy in which companies and citizens act as equals is not always met with approval. The company structure must protect against takeovers that are a means of removing »undesirable« competitors from the market.


Transparency of data use must be guaranteed at all times so that conscious decisions are possible. The chosen company structure must ensure current and future actors behave transparently. 

polypoly Cooperative 

It develops the polyPod, which serves as a platform for the Edge Data Ecosystem. The cooperative is a joint business enterprise of committed citizens from Europe. It represents the interests of all citizens in building a decentralised data economy. As an SCE (Societas Cooperativa Europaea), it operates exclusively within the European Union. By virtue of its legal form, it is unassailably protected from hostile takeovers.

polypoly Enterprise

It makes the business-to-business components for the Edge Data Ecosystem available. Infrastructure for decentralised data management, federated big data and AI, as well as tools and frameworks. The latter are needed for the development of services that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape of companies and institutions. Unlike the European cooperative, it operates internationally, and companies can become shareholders.

polypoly Foundation

The foundation advises governments and institutions worldwide on data protection laws and regulations. In doing so, it is advancing the concept of a decentralised data economy. It also makes a database available that anyone can use to gain an overview of data streams – polyPedia. This database also holds the information about the interfaces of the data oligarchs and can provide changes seamlessly to all polyPods. 

At eye level

The cooperative makes citizens the owners of the polyPod. This secures them a negotiating position at eye level for the first time, because they control the platform for the Edge Data Ecosystem.


The platform for the Edge Data Ecosystem, the polyPod, is protected from takeover in the cooperative. Companies can participate in the infrastructure for the economic use of the ecosystem.


The Foundation is a non-profit organisation and does not pursue any economic interests. It is subject to press law which enables it to get hold of the necessary information to shine light on the flow of data.

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