Our solution

Using data, but in a self-determined manner!

Together, Europeans have more private storage and computing power than all the data oligarchs put together. The polyPod harnesses this unused power to build a decentralised data economy. Sustainable, efficient and fair for all parties involved.

Big data decentralised onto end devices

Together with European citizens, we are developing the polyPod. It harnesses the unused computing power of existing devices for privacy-friendly big data analyses in exchange for fair payment for users.
Together with businesses, we are building the polyPod into a Super-App that includes features and services for many aspects of personal and business life.
A decentralised digital ecosystem that works completely on the devices of the citizens. 

Privacy and income for citizens

  • They can earn extra income instead of paying for »free« services with their privacy.
  • They have control and transparency over their data and manage access rights conveniently in their polyPod.
  • In the future, they can use innovative data-based services without worrying about personal privacy.

Data analyses and savings for companies

  • You receive GDPR-compliant customer data from a direct business relationship with your customers. 
  • You receive high-quality data analyses independently from intermediaries, directly from your customers.
  • You reduce costs for storing and managing customer data – and reduce your carbon footprint.

Useful partial steps for a forward-looking project

A decentralised ecosystem cannot be built overnight, which is why we are developing it in stages. Each step must already create added value for citizens and companies. Together, they will form an Edge Data Ecosystem – the infrastructure for a decentralised European data economy.

1. Getting back lost data

With GDPR data importers integrated into the polyPod, users can download a copy of their data to their device, from data oligarchs. Logged-in data becomes logged-out data, meaning the data is no longer exclusively available to the data oligarchs. The monopoly position is weakened and the »data capital« is accumulated and managed under the control of European citizens.

Download the first edition of the polyPod and don’t miss the further development.

The opposite of a monopoly: a polypoly

All data is stored within the polyPod on the respective end device of the user. We can neither view the data nor are the data stored on any servers. The control is and always remains with the users themselves. The technological groundwork we develop is open source, so anyone can test and use it to build their own solutions for the Edge Data Ecosystem.

The basic functionalities of the polyPod

The polyPod stores personal data and provides an environment for functions that run algorithms on the stored data and interact with the user. It manages the identity of the user and which data belongs to which facet, as well as the data access rights for functions. The polyPod also manages the communication between pod instances, identity facets and the outside world. polypoly delivers it with some »basic functionalities« and additional features can also be provided by third parties. For a deeper insight into our technology, see our white paper.

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