The »Bloomberg« for data

The mission of polyPedia is to make the data economy transparent. Countless pieces of information being stored in this database piece by piece – researched in great detail by experts, processed and made usable.

polyPedia is a database that stores information about the data behaviour of actors in the global data economy. We want to map how data flows from individual natural persons who generate data to legal entities that collect and process it – be they companies of various kinds, governments, or NGOs. 

An important aspect of polyPedia is the monitoring of privacy policies and terms and conditions that companies themselves publish. Later versions will make it possible to submit queries and research enquiries to polyPedia, similar to Wikipedia.

Another important function of polyPedia: this is also where the information about the interfaces of the data oligarchs are located. By their very nature, it is not in the interest of the data oligarchs to share the treasure trove of data they guard. Due to the GDPR, they are forced to do so and must provide interfaces for users to download their data. But nobody forbids them from constantly changing the specification of these interfaces.

The polyPod technology is built in such a way that the software does not need to be adapted when these interfaces change. The information required for this is stored in polyPedia and can be changed quickly and easily here; all polyPods then adapt automatically as a result. In this way, polyPedia closes a loophole that data oligarchs can use to circumvent parts of the GDPR.

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