Headline: Whitepaper: In POD we trust – our technological centrepiece
polypoly Cooperative
Christian Buggedei, Felix Dahlke

n POD We Trust: Towards A Transparent Data Economy. Things are totally out of control. We don’t know who has our data, what they have and with whom it is shared, for what purpose it is used, nor for how long. Our data is repeatedly collected and processed by governments, private companies, and other organizations often without our consent. Sometimes our data is even used against us. 

We founded polypoly as a countermeasure to this; to build a solution that will return control of our data back to us. We will decide who can use our data and for which purpose. We will define the rules. There’s no going back.

This paper provides a high-level overview of one part of our technical solution: The polyPod. It introduces fundamental aspects, technical decisions we have made – along with our reasoning – as well as some aspects we have not yet addressed. The core objectives of this paper are to set the stage for future white papers which will cover each point in more detail, and to develop a clearer picture of what we are building.

Read the entire white paper here: Whitepaper: The polyPod