Headline: Do you know GAIA-X?
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AIA-X, who or what is that? If you answer directly with “Bless you!” or the question “Isn't that a goddess, but why X?”, then you are in the right place here in our blog. But before we get started, a little knowledge on the side: Gaia is actually a goddess from Greek mythology and the personified earth. But back to the actual topic.

So what exactly is GAIA-X? GAIA-X is a project that aims to network centralised and decentralised data infrastructures into a homogeneous system. The goal is to create a modular, secure, trustworthy and user-friendly interconnected system of existing cloud providers and their offerings that ensures the sovereign handling of data and applications. Such a system benefits small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, as they profit from market transparency, broad access to customised offers and the resulting options for action.

GAIA-X is a European project in which more than 300 organisations are already involved. According to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI), these include “...technology companies – both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises – that are developing a technological proposal from a supplier perspective. User-driven demand is also and especially decisive for the success of the project. That is why companies and organisations from different domains are helping to shape the project. Associations such as BDI, Bitkom, eco, VOICE, VDMA, Cigref and MEDEF and existing initiatives such as the International Data Spaces Association and Trusted Cloud will also be closely involved.”

According to the BMWI, the aim of the project is to create an open and transparent digital ecosystem for Europe in which data and services can be made available, merged and shared in an environment of trust. The top priority is European data protection. The project also aims to strengthen the European digital single market and its competitiveness.

“All well and good”, you may now be thinking, “But why do we need GAIA-X at all?” Here are three keywords: data sovereignty, data availability and innovation.

Data sovereignty:
It is important for Europe to be able to act in a digitally sovereign manner. This requires a European solution that is subject to European data protection and is not influenced by international tensions and trade conflicts.

Data availability:
To make the best use of big data in Europe, Europe needs a data infrastructure on which data can be exchanged and processed in a trustworthy, secure and transparent way.

GAIA-X is the foundation for a digital ecosystem that will help create innovative products and enable companies and business models to scale competitively around the world from Europe.

GAIA-X is the basis of the HEALTH-X dataLOFT project, in which polypoly is involved as a consortium partner. For the HEALTH-X dataLOFT project, the Berlin Charité, the Fraunhofer Institute and a number of companies, such as Siemens and polypoly, have joined forces to network the first and second health care market according to GAIA-X standards for the benefit of patients and at the same time to give citizens control over their health data.

Link to the German press release of the German Federal Network Agency:
GAIA-X: Gewinnerkonsortien des Förderwettbewerbs

German sources:
BMWI – Gaia-X–Hub