Our Mission

We bring Big Data to the Edge! 

Together, we're revolutionising the way data is handled. By harnessing the massive computing power of private devices we can take back control of European data. Together, we're building a sustainable data economy that benefits everyone – citizens and businesses, whilst always following the maxim: Your data, your decision, your profit!

Become part of the movement!

Just € 5 to become a member of Europe's first data cooperative. It’s like crowdfunding – but you get returns, not just t-shirts.

It's high time we change the way data is handled!

Every day, data from Internet users is collected in data centres all over the world, in order to process and resell it. This centralised structure cements the power of the data oligarchs, causes enormous economic and ecological costs, and degrades citizens into being unpaid data suppliers.

The flood of data increases

We are producing and storing more and more data: a growth rate has been forecast of 27 % per year. The economic and ecological costs are enormous because we need more and more storage and computing power to cope with this overflow of data.

Money & CO2 are wasted

Experts estimate 85 % of collected data is in fact »data waste«! Redundant, obsolete and trivial data, as well as lots of »by-catch« is collected for no recognisable benefit – personal data included.

Europe is losing control

The current winners are the oligarchs who have a firm grip on our data, and thereby control the most valuable resource of digitisation. On the losing side: European companies and citizens, paying for this data frenzy with their privacy.

Why not use the supercomputers in our pockets?

polypoly is building the polyPod: a decentralised solution for the entire data economy to run on – directly on devices we already have. Europeans use only 5 % of their private computing power, the polyPod harnesses the remaining 95 % to analyse data directly on end devices. 

Ecologically sustainable

Energy-intensive data centres replaced by an existing, distributed supercomputer: the private end devices of European citizens. Step by step, this saves a relevant share of resources and CO2.

Economically sustainable

The currently long, costly and inefficient value chain of the data economy is massively shortened. Citizens and companies act in a direct and therefore efficient business relationship at eye level – to the advantage of both sides.

Socially sustainable

Citizens who are unpaid data suppliers today, become business partners for high quality data analysis. In doing so, they retain control over their data, protect their privacy and earn extra income.

An app that turns end devices into data centres

polyPod transforms private end devices into sustainable, social and efficient data centres. The unused computing power of existing devices can be used for privacy-friendly big data analyses in exchange for fair payment. Since all calculations are carried out on existing devices, data centres are saved and with them a whole lot of costs and CO2.

Step by step, polyPod is developing into a so-called Super-App. Within a Super-App, different services can be offered – from messengers to nutrition planners, anything is possible. A digital ecosystem is emerging that encompasses many aspects of personal and business life. Here, users always have control over their personal data.

Become part of the movement

Enable a sustainable, social and independent European data economy and help us develop polyPod further. Don't just participate in a dramatically growing market, but ensure the sustainable handling of data.

  • Privacy is protected
  • The carbon footprint is reduced
  • The European economy is strengthened
  • For the first time, citizens earn their share

As a citizen

A European cooperative is developing the polyPod, and every European citizen can become a co-owner. You, too!

As a company

Decentralised data management allows for innovative and efficient solutions whilst respecting the privacy of your customers.

As an investor

Invest in the decentralised infrastructure for the European data economy – a market estimated at € 674 billion.

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